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Trading Tech Talk

Trading Tech Talk is the program where we break down all the amazing technology that takes your trades from the click of a mouse to the clearinghouse and back again. Each episode we’ll break down the latest developments in the world of trading tech, bring you exclusive conversations with industry thought leaders, and answer your pressing technology questions. 

Jul 17, 2015

Hot Topics in Tech: NYSE glitch: what happened? A Lesson from the NYSE Outage: Fragmentation Works. Leap second was not a mini Y2K, but more of a tempest in a teapot. No major outages or calamities as a result of the leap second. Derivatives market concerned by trade reporting costs. A Bitcoin technology gets NASDAQ...

Jul 1, 2015

CTO Interview Segment
Today's guest is Ben Londergan, Executive Managing Director, Options Trading and Technology at Convergex.He discusses:

  • Algos: The growing suite of options algos under development at Convergex including Sweep, Capital Commitment, Buywrite, Delta Neutral and much more.
  • Reg SCI: Why is it so important...