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Trading Tech Talk

Trading Tech Talk is the program where we break down all the amazing technology that takes your trades from the click of a mouse to the clearinghouse and back again. Each episode we’ll break down the latest developments in the world of trading tech, bring you exclusive conversations with industry thought leaders, and answer your pressing technology questions. 

May 30, 2014

Trading Tech Talk 9: Diving into the Dark Pools

Hot Topics in Tech: Exchange leaders take on dark pools. CBOE's Ed Tilly says less dark trades would benefit the market. Meanwhile, CME's Terry Duffy think regulators should look in dark pools. NYSE will pare down the number of customer orders. O'Malia says high-speed...

May 1, 2014

Trading Tech Talk 8: the Modern Markets Initiative

CTO Interview: Today we have Peter Nabicht, Former CTO at Allston.

He discusses:

An overview of the Modern Markets Initiative

  • Research at MMI
  • Some of the key takeaways/problems he found in Flash Boys
  • The key tenet of the book that the markets are rigged against the...